If you can see it with your eyes, we can do it.


Eastflower Industries is a one stop shop for all your visual needs. If you can see it with your eyes, we can do it- no job is too big or too small. We specialize in graphic design, photography, image manipulation, branding, web development and design, animation, even screen printing and clothing. We're always looking for new ventures to pioneer, new challenges to take on, and we even make house calls and consultations, showing up at your home or business to help however we can. Conventional visual arts companies can take weeks or even months to finish your project. We offer turn around time and rates that other companies can't begin to compete with. Instead of hiring a photographer, a designer, and a web designer separately, paying their deposits and fees that go along with it, Eastflower can do your entire project from start to finish, saving you money, time, and headaches. With years of experience in the industry, Eastflower knows how to head off the problems that arise with most projects, allowing you to stay within your time and financial budget. Whether you're starting a new business, giving your old design a new look, re-branding, or just searching for a more creative way to express your business, we will prove to be a superb asset to your team.



"In January 2012, I contacted Frank of Eastflower Industries to design a logo for a project for our company. The process started with a concept from me. Frank really understands how to bring a customer's concept into a finished product. I knew in my mind what I wanted, and with Frank's help, the idea blossomed into a working logo, which then grew into our corporate image in media. The suggestions that Frank brought to our discussions carved our ideas and thoughts into a solid project. I would recommend Frank and Eastflower to anyone - the work he did was stellar. Uncompromising quality and a commitment to the customer bring Frank and Eastflower to the forefront of graphic design."

L.L. Misher, President and CEO, Qwark Inc.


"I have had Frankie in my employ to design several graphic presentations for my business. He is an enthusiastic, dedicated worker with reliable work habits. He does not need any supervision or guidance, but willingly accepts it when offered. He is consistently successful when improving his skills, and works hard to do so. Frankie is always willing to exceed the job requirement in order to get the job done right the first time. He is extremely efficient and punctual in meeting deadlines, and consistently adheres to whatever guidelines are put forth. I steadfastly stand behind my recommendation of Frankie as he and Eastflower become an essential asset to your staff."

Anthony Handy Sr., President, TKC Enterprises LLC
Executive Producer, "Quiet On The Set" Radio



"Frank has done several graphics projects for my partners and me. We have been more than pleased with his work and will continue to work with him on all projects in the future."

Don Bruce, President, First Mortgage Group Inc.

"Frank is a phenomenal photographer. He does all of my real estate photos for my listings and brochures. He is an integral part of my team, and my business plan. I can take him to a house, and he works his magic with the camera to give me photos that literally jump off the page, and ultimately contribute to my success. In fact, his photos have sometimes resulted in sales for me before we even got to the weekend. Hats off to you Frank. I am proud to have you on my team. You are a true artist and an asset to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level."

Lydia Zache, Weichert Realtors

"I would like to personally thank Frankie for the desire and commitment he established with my project. Even though we live two hours apart, we were able to make great things happen in a short amount of time. Frankie is full of great ideas that helped the process flow gloriously. I would back Frankie and all his business ventures in the future."

Robert Peters